Mom’s Empowerment Program

We provide support and education for women and their families throughout pregnancy and until the baby’s first birthday.

You’re pregnant and you want the best possible start for your family.

The Mom’s Empowerment Program can help.

The Mom’s Empowerment program equips pregnant and new moms with knowledge and support throughout pregnancy and up to the baby’s first birthday.  The program goal is to help families become self-sufficient.

Program Components:

  • Monthly case management sessions with a family development specialist
  • Monthly education on topics relating to pregnancy and parenting
  • Self-determined goal setting, tracking, and achievement
  • Support and resources customized to assist with your needs

Program Qualifications:

  • Currently pregnant
  • Must be a Missouri resident
  • Family income at or below 185% poverty level
  • Willing to participate in monthly case management to receive support in setting and achieving goals.

    Counties Served:

    Jackson, Buchanan, Cass, Johnson (MO), Platte, Clay, Clinton, Caldwell, Andrew and Nodaway


    This program is partially funded by Missouri’s Alternatives to Abortion program.

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