Host a Drive

Help your neighbor with the items they need most by conducting a drive for food, hygiene products, or clothing like socks, hats and gloves

Item drives are a great, fun way to raise awareness about poverty and mobilize the community to provide what our neighbors need.

Hosting an Item Drive is a year-round way to make a difference in addressing poverty here in the Kansas City and St. Joseph area. Drives are a great way for schools, offices, community groups, and places of worship to join Catholic Charities ending hunger and making certain that families have life’s basic necessities.

Often, people come to us with an urgent need. We meet that urgent need first.

Then, we work to address the root causes of poverty. Your donations make an immediate impact in those lives.

Many Starfish Need Many Star Throwers

Many Starfish Need Many Star Throwers

The Bible tells us in Matthew 25:35, 40 this is what being a star thrower means. Putting on the heart of Christ means serving the least among us whether hungry or thirsty, help getting over sickness, or in bad situations. Christ did not come to be among the highest in society, but as a lowly servant seeking to save the isolated and cast out. The manger and shepherds were symbols of that, that even the simplest of situations can bring about the greatest of miracles.

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Anytime you, or your company, can assist in collecting these urgent — ongoing — needs is helpful:

  • Non-perishable food items to stock more than 40 pantries and emergency assistance sites in urban and rural communities
  • Personal hygiene products including soap, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant and razors
  • Paper goods like bathroom tissue and paper towels
  • Diapers, baby clothing, infant formula and other supplies
  • City bus passes
  • Gift cards to discount and grocery stores
  • Professional expertise like creative roles, legal services, education and training, culinary arts, moving and storage and carpentry

Download our In-Kind Drive Calendar

Please contact us to donate any of the above items.

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