Christmas Shining Star

Catholic Charities’ annual campaign that provides presents for hundreds of families in need. 

When poverty is a daily struggle, Christmas gifts are simply not an option for the children, families and older adults Catholic Charities serves.

In Kansas City and the surrounding Missouri counties, roughly 17% of individuals live in poverty. For children under 18, the poverty rates is even higher — nearly 25%. That’s 1 in 4 children living in poverty right here in our community!

For them, Christmas gifts just aren’t in the budget

Every year, Catholic Charities’ organizes the Christmas Shining Star project to collect gifts for children in our client families, and gives them, along with wrapping paper, to the parents. Parents then wrap the gifts and place them under the tree for a joyful Christmas morning!

You can help!

  • “adopt” a child (or two!) and purchase gifts off of their wish list. We suggest  5-6 items, with a total spend of about $60.
  • Bring those gifts to our office or arrange for us to pick them up.
  • Purchase a frequently requested gift (like basketballs or art supplies) from Amazon, Walmart, or another retailer and have that item shipped directly to us
  • Make a financial donation and our staff and volunteers will do the shopping.

When you donate gifts, necessities, or funds to Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph’s Christmas Shining Star, you make Christmas so much brighter for families in need.

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